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The benefits of practicing BodhiSpin Yoga & Meditation

BodhiSpin Yoga is a gentle approach to Kundalini Style Yoga. The intention is to move Kundalini energy up the spine through repeating certain postures. It raises energy, allows you to become more aware, and refines your soul.

The breath is a deep, relaxed nasal breath. This combination of breathwork and practice is extremely liberating for the soul. It is my favorite flow of the different BodhiFlow practices.

I feel like a brand new person every time I practice BodhiSpin. It makes me feel more conscious, I am able to gain new insight, and my overall instinctual feelings become stronger. I cannot wait to start teaching this flow because of its many benefits.


It allows you to release any emotions pent up inside the body allowing space for the natural flow of energy. If you are prone to be moody, sad, excessive in any emotion, than this is the perfect flow for you. It will help you improve many areas of your life.


The poses aren't as physically demanding as a traditi…

How to use Yoga for Emotional Healing

Everyone experiences every emotion daily, weekly, or at some point in their lives. When we "bottle up" our emotions and push them to the side, they can manifest negatively through our relationships, work life, and more importantly ourselves. It is very important that we attempt to express how we feel, even if those feelings are of anger, stress, and sadness.

Energy flows through our body consistently, 24/7 every single day. If we pent up these feelings, it can cause blocks in our chakras and lead to what we call mental illnesses. By expressing our feelings openly, we can heal our bodies and grow in a lovely, spiritual way.

Yoga allows us to heal emotionally through asanas (poses). When we succumb to the natural energy of our bodies through these asanas, we may experience an emotional release. Sometimes this can look like sobbing, breathing angrily, laughing, etc. This is completely normal as you are releasing pent up energy in your body that can now flow out naturally. It is…

What is Bodhi Yoga™ Utah Valley's First Yoga Studio

Another fave!

I have so many favorite things about yoga that I have learned thus far. My most favorite by far would have to be curing my insomnia. Normally, I cannot stay asleep throughout the night and I constantly toss and turn---and let me tell you my mattress is NICE. My pillows and comforter are extravagant but that doesn't always solve sleep problems.

Practicing Ayurveda and doing a 28 day Ayurvedic cleanse has been absolutely therapeutic for me. Your mind affects you in so many ways on a daily basis. Our brains are absorbing all kinds of information throughout the day and it's most of the time negative! By simply changing the way you eat to a healthier diet, it alters the kind of energy you are consuming on a daily basis. For example, if I go eat Chick-fil-a I am 100% going to feel extremely sleepy groggy afterwards. Why? Those chickens that are being factory farmed for fast food are dying and suffering when they are killed for consumption. That negative energy STAYS in the meat and …

My journey continues...

The biggest thing I have learned so far from my teacher training would be PATIENCE. I have never been super flexible or even had the ability to touch my toes. I recently just mastered Vrksasana (tree pose) and it is honestly the best feeling ever!! I never thought I would be able to do that EVER. I gain my confidence through repetition of poses and flows. For me, it is not something that just comes to me automatically. I have to practice consistently daily and weekly to accomplish my yoga goals.

From the few people I have taught already, I have gained amazing insight. Some people prefer to have a deeper, spiritual experience while others prefer something so gentle but healing at the same time. I love learning about different people's perspectives and expectations on their yoga experience because most people are very different in what they want out of a yoga class. I grow as a teacher by learning what people like and want out of their yoga experience. 
It is the greatest blessing t…

My favorite thing about yoga since beginning YT

Honestly, my favorite thing so far would have to be the variations for the poses and marma points. I love being in a pose feeling comfortable, being able to control my breath, and be completely relaxed. When I'm in the cooling down stage of my flow, I love applying pressure to certain marma points because it is like the cherry on top of my yoga practice! I cannot wait to incorporate the use of marma points in my classes that I teach because I know for a fact it will be a crowd favorite. :) 

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Developing my personal practice

I have learned SO much in just the first session of Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training. I have studied marma points, doshas, and natural progression asanas. I incorporate all of these things along with Pranayama and devise the best yoga practice for my dosha. It leaves me feeling amazing, open, and full of energy. I cannot wait to design more natural progression asana classes so that all doshas will be balanced. :)

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The benefits of practicing BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Poses

BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Poses increase flexibility, strength, and energy. As I practice warming up on my mat, I am practicing Pranayama. Once I am ready, I will do one pose and flow from one yoga movement to another. After one hour of flow, I will cool down with some relaxing and gentle poses such as Supta Parivrtta and Padmasana.

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The Doshas; the result of mother nature manifesting herself into reality

The Doshas are three forces that all of us naturally have, however one typically dominates over the other two. The following universal elements represent each Dosha uniquely in mother nature: Vata (air & space), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth & water). It is important to balance these Doshas as it is a form of soul healing. Your mind, body, spirit, emotions, senses, health, and well-being are all affected on a daily basis. We must make a conscious effort to keep our doshas in a balanced state at all times. 
Vata aids in physical processes. According to Bodhi Yoga, "the Air element governs sensory and mental balance" (Bodhi 4). This force is particularly found in empty spaces and fine channels of the mind and body. Vata traits are light, dry, and cold. 
Pitta aids in chemical and metabolic processes. According to Bodhi Yoga, "Pitta governs all aspects of light and warmth in the mind and body" (Bodhi 5). This force is present in the body as a …