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My Soul Resonates with Pocahontas

A wave goodbye, Pocahontas | Disney pocahontas, Disney animated movies,  Disney ladies

I discovered I am a star seed from the Andromeda galaxy which makes so much sense in my life. Ever since I was 3 years old, I always have felt this sense of not belonging to the society I was growing up in. I remember the first time seeing in airplane in the sky and thinking to myself at age 3, "wow that is old". I always felt like I never belonged to earth and its norms of society. When I watched the movie Pocahontas at age 5, my soul immediately felt a connection to the character in that movie because it was and still is how I feel I am supposed to be; free, connected with nature, living in a community of spiritual beings, growing my own food. My soul has rarely reincarnated on earth and my mission here is to help humanity transition into awakening and help mother earth. 

When I am in the midst of traffic or flying down the interstate, I blast the Pocahontas soundtrack because it makes me feel so alive and connected to earth. I resonate with certain lyrics in "Steady as the Beating Drum", "Just Around the Riverbend", and "Colors of the Wind". Not to mention my grandmother looked just like grandmother Willow. 

"Steady as the Beating Drum"-plant the squash and reap the bean, all the earth our mother gives. o great spirit hear our song, help us keep the ancient ways, keep the sacred fire strong, walk and balance all our days."

"Just Around the Riverbend"-"To be safe, we lose the chance of ever knowing, what's around the riverbend?"

"Colors of the Wind"-"How can there be so much that you don't know? But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has name"

I love that I inspired a few souls in my yoga group to listen to the pocahontas soundtrack because it really is life changing. 


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