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Emotion Code & Reiki Healing

 I have been brought to my knees during my spiritual awakening this year. I went from being super financially stable, to being completely broke with almost nothing left. I left my hometown and moved more than halfway across the country. I had a MAJOR ego death and really re-evaluated my life to what was most important to me. I have lost friends and family members who were nothing but toxic to be around, yet I still send them much unconditional love and light. I felt so lost and didn't know who I was or wanted to be until around mid February. 

One night, I was having trouble sleeping. I was tossing and turning all night and ended up sleeping on my back. I never sleep on my back. I always sleep on my side or my stomach. Anyways, at one point in the night, I literally felt my third eye open and it was strange because it felt like how my normal eyes would feel if I haven't slept all night and woke up early. You know when you don't sleep well some nights and your eyes feel like they burn a little and are sensitive because of the lack of sleep you got? That's exactly how it felt when my third eye opened. 

Once it opened, I saw grey "air" that looked like static. I could see a black, Casper-like tail floating on my right side but ignored it because for some reason I still thought I was in my physical body lol. I turned to wake up my husband and noticed he wasn't responding. I leaned over him and I shit you not, I floated over his body and noticed he had a purple-like outline of a body. At this point, I'm thinking to myself "Bruh I'm trippin." Then, I laid back down on my back and decided to look to my right. I saw 3-4 entities with huge white eyes that were floating in the corner of my bedroom. I started asking them questions telepathically which I thought was strange in and of itself. Once I felt a sense of doubt, they took advantage of that and flew directly at my heart center. I was hyperventilating until I threw myself back into my body. I woke up around 5am and could not go back to sleep. 

I have been trying to make sense of my experience ever since that day. I went and saw an energy healer at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center who gave me a reading and told me what I experienced was a psychic attack. From what I have learned on my journey so far, is that psychic attacks ESPECIALLY target lightworkers, starseeds, etc. These entities can coexist with high vibrational beings. They wait and wait and wait for you to have a sense of doubt and/or fear and that's when they attack you. If you encounter them again, you can either pray to Jesus or any other ascended master and/or archangel and banish them or you can send them to Source. You can call on your own spirit guides for help as well. Some psychics "hug" these beings etherically and shatter them into particles. The point is, you literally have the power to banish these entities and send them to source energy. 

I started saying a protection for myself before I went to sleep. I set an intention every single time before I went to sleep and still do to this day. I call on my higher self, spirit guides, and source to protect my soul when it leaves my human vessel every night. I ask to wake up feeling refreshed. I also set intentions with certain crystals next to me before I sleep. I sleep with raw selenite, raw blue kyanite, hematite, black tourmaline, and nuummite. I also like shungite as well. 

I finished my Yoga Teacher Training program and now practice and instruct Ayurvedic Yoga. This helps me identify what I personally need to work on and work through. Sometimes, it is necessary for me to reach out for help. Recently, my heart has been taking me down and down and down. I went to my first emotion code & reiki session and it was AMAZING. I discovered I have a heart wall about 2 inches thick in my energy field (aura). I have built this wall up over the 23 years I have been alive on earth and it is coming down. I have to clear it once a week for now in order to remove it safely from my energy field. I felt such a difference just after my first session and learned that I am very intuitive and connected with my guides. 

My guides shared a beautiful message with me today that brought me peace as I have been going through several emotions lately. This is what I journaled this morning: "Because of how fast you are awakening, you will be leaving some friendships and family members behind. These souls cannot withstand your higher vibrational state. And that is okay. Send them unconditional love and light. You are not responsible to awaken everyone. They have the free will to choose. Everyone is given the opportunity to awaken, but not everyone accepts because of their own soul's evolution. Keep meditating, drinking water, and center yourself. You need grounding more than anything. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished thus far. You are on the right track of where you need to be and do NOT get distracted by the third dimensional illusions. We love you star seed, keep up the great work!" 

That message brought me so much peace. I felt so loved and so protected and did not feel any worry at all. I have lost all interest in searching for answers externally and have fallen in love with trusting within. I always get the truth, especially my truth from within. It is such a blessing to be awake in this incarnation and work on my ascension process. 

My ascension process has not been all butterflies and unicorns. I had to see the bad, the ugly, and the worst in order to understand polarity. The Law of Polarity is one of the laws of the universe that really resonates me. It has come to my understanding that there needs to be a balance with the light and the dark. The dark has ruled over earth for SO long, that lightworkers, starseeds, etc. have all come here to help raise the human collective consciousness to a higher state, so that humans do not have to live in fear and disease anymore. We are transforming this world right now as we speak and we are not stopping. We are purging out the bad, and welcoming in the new. 

So much unconditional love, light, and blessings. Namaste. 


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